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9 Coastal Wall Art To Inspire Your Nautical Heart


As Billy Ward and His Dominoes once said, home is where you hang your heart—and if your heart beats nautical rhythms, then embrace the melody and let it take you to your second home: the sea. Swimming in this article are ten beautiful wall sculptures that are reminiscent of the coast, the waves, and everything nautical in between.

Now, get ready to take a deep breath because this is going to be a long, satisfying dive.

1. Weathered nautical signs by Crafts by Amanda

Sand, beach, relax, and surf. Can anything define the sea better than these crafty signs? If you think a favorite maritime word is missing, you better make sure to grab a paintbrush and let out those bottled thoughts! These weathered beach signs are ideal for a rustic coastal home.

2. Coastal wall art by House of Turquoise

Minimalistic does not mean boring—as proven by our handy dictionary and this cozy space. Playing around with hues of white and light grey, this mini lounge achieves a nautical vibe by using a coral pillow and getting creative with nine coastal frames. One boasts of a lone starfish, while others shells of different sizes (which means you can finally make use of the seashells you picked up on the seashore!)

3. Beach chairs painting by Everything Nautical

Seven beach chairs for a whole family of nautical lovers. This beautiful painting is what you need to go back in time and reminisce your favorite family summer. Remember when little John built his first sandcastle? How about when Jane surfed her first wave? Hang this work of nautical art on your living room for everyone to admire and see.

4. Metal octopus wall hanging by Everything Nautical

Get eight times the charm with this lovely octopus wall hanging. With wide eyes and flexible tentacles, it’s ready to grace your wall with irresistible quirkiness. And c’mon, don’t you think it’s about time the young ones finally learn this darling can be adorable, too? We’re sure it’s going to give you love, with its three hearts and all.

5. Driftwood fish by thespacebetweenblog

Much like a driftwood, get washed away by the beauty of this fish art. Wood of varied shapes, sizes, and types are used to form a figure, then hung on a wall to complete a nautical statement. Can you hear it calling out to you?

6. Wooden boat paddles by Everything Nautical

Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily this set is such a dream! Vibrant and rustic at the same time, these wooden boat paddles are a wonderful reminder that you have rowed your way to where you are now.

7. Modern coastal wall art by City Farmhouse

What you need to achieve this look: a wall and a well-loved nautical photograph. Put all the snaps you’ve been stashing on your camera roll to good use by turning them into wall artworks. Use a filter or let your shot stand out in all its natural glory! This modern take on a wall hanging is simple and easy to make.

8. Mermaid with shell wall hanging by Everything Nautical

Real or not, no one can ever replace the sea’s sweetest siren. We could even say her beauty lies in her mystery. Looking like it went straight out of a fairy tale—that is, her silhouette—this mermaid wall hanging will make the kids and the kids at heart delighted. She’s also kind enough to make nautical music for you with a seashell!

9. Hanging driftwood photo collage by Cocorrina

Who said driftwoods are lost? We’re pretty sure they were meant to be washed away for you to pick them up. This photo collage is an artistic way to treasure your memories, track your journey, and show the world how much you love the nautical life.

There you have it, nine wall arts that tug at your heartstrings! Question is: will you listen to your heart and hang one inside your home now?

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