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​A Beach Within Reach: Reinventing Your Yard Using Outdoor Nautical Decor

Jan 27th 2015

Everything Nautical knows about longing for the shore. This Denver-based company is owned by Gary, who grew up on the Oregon coast, loves deep-sea fishing, and is fascinated with everything nautical. From the ocean to everything that inhabits it, he never fails to see how the waters make the world more special.

Even if, like Gary, you live far from the shore, you can create a boat and beach-inspired haven in your yard, just by changing things up in a seaworthy way. Listed down below are some of our nautical ideas:


A true nautical lover won’t let anything stop them from getting the ocean within their reach. If you don’t live by the seaside, a simple trick to create the illusion of being on the shore is to create a winding path through your yard.

Simply dig a channel (about 6 inches deep) and fill it with inexpensive sand you buy at the lumber yard. Line it with tall grasses that evoke memories of ocean side strolls. Good candidates for the grass might include Wild Rye Grass (Elymus canadensis) and Red Bunny Tails (pennisetum messiacum). You can also check with a local nursery for a type that suits your climate.

Wild Rye Grass

Red Bunny Tails

Next, add something colorful and reminiscent of the shore at the front end of the path, like a Solar Metal Pelican on Polystone Base . This item features a shiny metal pelican perched on a tree stump made of polystone.

Solar Metal Pelican on Polystone Base

Instead of wood chips, you can also use seashells as mulch around trees and plants—a good use for those shells you’ve gathered on your trips! Another way of doing it is storing these shells inside a jar and scattering them in between flower pots, rocks, and vases.

You can also create an artificial pond and surround it with beautiful sculptures like the Pink Flamingo Pair. After all, nothing beats this classic!

Pink Flamingo Pair

To top it off, don’t forget your entrance. Customize it according to your nautical preference with personalized signs such as the  Personalized Lighthouse Address Plaque. See below:

Surrounded with a nautical rope border, the Personalized "Welcome to the Beach" Nautical Address Plaque makes the perfect greeting for guests.


Create a whimsical beach scene as the visual centerpiece of your yard. Make it serve a purpose by creating a sandbox (for kids, grandkids, or even you—we won’t tell) or a fire pit area. For this, you’ll need more sand, held in by a dirt berm, or a metal or wooden frame. In one corner, add Decorative Nautical Pilings with Rope and Anchor (made of durable polystone and/or a Decorative Lobster Trap. Each lobster trap is unique as the shells and designs vary for each piece. Like we always say here at Everything Nautical,  these items are for those of us who believe that paradise begins at the shoreline and ends just a little past the dunes.


Decorative Nautical Pilings with Rope and Anchor (left) and Decorative Lobster Trap (right)

For your porch, you can make use of multiple accessories that bespeak of the sea. The Set of 3 Painted Wooden Fish on Rustic Stands will look great atop a wooden table. You can use them individually or altogether.

Set of 3 Painted Wooden Fish on Rustic Stands

For a burst of color, hang the Multi Color Ceramic Fish Chime. With its beautiful hand-painted design,it is sure to blend well with your outdoor décor. They also produce sweet melodies that are reminiscent of the times you spent at the beach. 

Multi Color Ceramic Fish Chime 

To throw the best tropical outdoor party, here are some unique finds at Everything Nautical. The Set of 4 Ceramic Boat Bowls have enough space for holding everything from seafood and dips, to condiments and chips. These charming boat bowls also vary in size and are versatile in function.

Set of 4 Ceramic Boat Bowls

Set of 4 Ceramic Fish Platters

Matching this set is the Set of 4 Ceramic Fish Platters. Each of these four platters comes with its own lively pattern and is ideal for serving appetizers, snacks or sandwiches. And since a party is never without some refreshing drinks, the Wooden Surfboard Bottle Opener works best for popping a top with ease as it cleverly catches your discarded caps. Cheers to that!

Wooden Surfboard Bottle Opener


Meanwhile, let everyone know the steaks on the grill are ready with an Aluminum Outdoor Bell with Verdi Green Finish that looks like an old brass bell.

You can also angle a pair of Wooden Nautical Buoys or an Antique Wooden Anchor on a wall or fence.


Lastly, round out the theme with some more fun additions:

  • French Line Deck Chairs so you and your guests can stretch out in comfort and nautical style.

  • Small tables to put your drinks and snacks on like the Whitewashed Folding Wooden Fish Table.

  • Celebrate the local weather, even if it's not beachy, with a Downeaster Rainfall Gauge or Verdigris Heron Weather Vane.


For more ideas on redesigning your yard with Outdoor Nautical Decor, contact us. And when you’re done—send us a photo. We’d love to see your creations!