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5 Nautical Home Ideas You Can Easily Recreate

Aug 12th 2016

Think those nautical homes on magazine spreads are out of your reach? Think again. Here are five nautical looks you can easily recreate with a few items. Click on the product name to learn more about each product and to order if you choose.

Look #1: Nautical living room

Given that you have a comfy couch, these three pillows will do the trick:

Marina Stripe Marine

Ornamental Knot Aqua

Shell Toss Aqua Pillow

Look #2: Nautical bedroom

It’s amazing how much hanging flags can do in a room. This nautical and simple look can be achieved by using:

Nautical Décor Flags on String – Set of 40

Look #3: Nautical bathroom

Aluminum for a touch of industrial, and wood for a rustic appeal. Recreate this bathroom with:

Aluminum Porthole Mirror, Nickel Finish

Decorative Wooden Paddle

Look #4: Nautical reading room

Enjoy your reading sessions with the company of nautical items such as:

Water Coral Blue

Decorative Wooden Ship Wheel with Brass Spokes

Wooden Boat Bookshelves – Set of 3

Look #5: Nautical kid’s room

Introduce the nautical life at a young age with these child-friendly accessories:

Brass Cargo Touch Lantern

Cast Iron Anchor with Hook

Wooden Beach Paddle Hanger

Sail Boat Model Defender, 1895

White Net with Shells and Starfish

When looking to achieve a dream interior, always remember to be determined. With enough patience, we’re sure the right pieces are going to sail their ways to you. For more ideas,  contact us or browse our collection of amazing nautical products. We’ll gladly help you. :)