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7 Gorgeous Décor for a Nautical Office

Aug 12th 2016

Wouldn’t it be more satisfying to work in an environment you truly love? Perhaps, a place that inspires you to do better and radiates your passion for everything nautical. We know your hard work deserves a reward, so whether you’re looking for a complete transformation or additional detailing, these seven gorgeous nautical décor are just what you need.

1.  Vintage Nautical Captain’s Desk

In the days of navigation and exploration, captains used these desks to house nautical charts, trade records, logbooks, and other nautical tools. Today, you can set sail in your office with a sturdy desk that is ready for a voyage—or office work. Whatever floats your boat!

This desk is designed to provide maximum comfort and usability within a limited floor space. Corners are made of brass to withstand damage, while the frame is crafted from maple wood to stand the test of time.

2.  Purser’s Desk Chair

No desk is ever complete without a matching chair. And when we say matching, we’re not just talking about physical appearance, but also durability.

This desk chair is handmade from hardwood and wrought iron, reminiscent of the utilitarian furniture of the 19 th and 20th centuries. Sit back, relax, and wait for a wave of beautiful nostalgia to wash over you.

3.  Premium Bosun’s Gig Wooden Bookcase

Paddle your way into an impressive nautical office with this gig wooden bookcase. Made of basswood, it can easily hold your favorite navigation books and tools for you. A striking lighthouse or a vintage diving helmet would make good display, too!

4.  Table Lamp with Fishing Boat Base

Keep your desk from looking lonely with this nautical lamp. Designed with a fishing boat base, it creates the exact statement you want it to. Light it up on a long night and let its light guide you to the right path.

5.  Replogle Orion 12” Black Illuminated Globe

Nothing exudes sophistication quite like a black ocean globe.

Globes are trusted equipment by explorers, and you know you’re one by heart. Let this Orion light up at the flip of a switch, while you gaze at the beautiful Orion constellation at night.

6.  Anchor Clock with Ship Wheel

Checking the time is not an exciting task, unless you have this anchor slash ship wheel clock hanging on your wall.

7.  Brass and Wood Nautical Wall Plaque - Captain

The finishing touch to your office.

Let your crew know you’re not messing around by hanging a captain plaque on your office door. Representative of your position, this plaque is also symbolic of your great leadership skills.

Not exactly a captain yet? Don’t worry, we have enough plaques to showcase your work pride. :)

We hope you found the perfect fit for your office! Feel free to  contact us for more nautical décor and we’ll gladly assist you.