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Beach Cottage Decor, Indoors and Out

May 1st 2017

There is something about living by the beach that relaxes the mind and spirit. It may be the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the warm heat of the sun, or the feeling of getting sand in between your toes. Whatever it may be, living by the coast is a dream to many.

Whether you live by the beach or just want to show off your love for the seashore, beach cottage decor is a comfortable, casual way to decorate your home or patio. It doesn't matter if you use it in your living room, your office, or out in the garden, beach furniture is both pretty and practical. To feed your creativity, we listed down some ways you can incorporate your love for the beach inside your home.


Our white washed wooden folding fish table can be used on the patio or in the house. It would also be the perfect side table for your beach cottage. Use it to hold your snacks and favorite drinks, and fold it once you're done! A stylish and space-saving beach decor.

Next, we have a table that makes an elegant addition to any home. Our premium brass lantern table is a sight to behold with a solid brass center that sits on a ship wheel and a base that actually lights up! Imagine a bonfire party alongside this table!

Sure to impress guests, our wooden boat-shaped table and our life ring table both have safety rims so drinks or soups won't spill. The rims are painted in a nautical beach blue color that add appeal to their design. Whimsical and fun, we're sure kids will love to have any of this duo in their rooms, too! Much like our first table, both pieces can also be stored when not in use, what with their stylish folding crossed paddle legs.


For the living room, our dory coffee table makes an attractive and functional conversation piece. Used in two ways, it will look great as a coffee table, and just as great as a rowboat bookshelf. How? Two removable shelves are included to turn this classic boat decor into a bookshelf if stood on its stern, making it a great storage for your beach magazines. This piece was also featured on The Learning Channel's "Moving Up" and "While You Were Out".

Completing this list is a table that is sure to add charm to any beach cottage. Our wooden dock table is suitable to be used outdoors, indoors, or on a boat. It is also big enough to use as a dining table. Sounds perfect for a beach party, huh?


Whether you're reading C. S. Forester or Tom Clancy, you'll need a place to keep your books, and maybe show off a nautical knick-knack or two. 

We think something like our pirate card deck holder can add interest to your shelf. Made of polystone, this pirate can never be without his trusty bottle of rum, but let's just say that's an integral part of his charm!

Not into pirates? How about our cast iron mermaid instead? Featuring a hand painted, rustic look, this statue will make a great addition to your beach cottage decor. Mystical and nautical, it will sit gracefully atop any desk or bookshelf in the living room or study.

Next in our list is the premium bosun's gig bookcase. Measuring 27" x 12" x 73", it has plenty of room to hold your copies of Moby Dick or Treasure Island, be they books or DVDs. It also doesn't hurt that this bookshelf has as much appeal as it has room for storage.

Lastly, it would be a mistake to forget bookends. Choose from some of our popular and well-loved items like the Decorative Ceramic Mermaid Bookends or the Decorative Anchor and Bell Bookends. Both items are crafted from quality materials and will add style and function to your beach cottage decor.



To complete your home decor are our French line deck chairs. Impressive in their design, these chairs are replicas of the deck chairs that would have been found on cruise ships during the Roaring '20s. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, they combine comfort with elegance.

Ready to redecorate your beach cottage? Contact us if you are! Let us help you give your home a beach touch. We'll be happy to assist you!