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Model Ships - Personalized

Let your love for the sea be known with our wide collection of handcrafted Nautical Model Ships, now available with an optional personalized plaque! An ideal addition to any collection, our model ships are perfect for creating a nautical atmosphere anywhere they are placed. They also make thoughtful and personal gifts for any friend and family member with a love of the sea.

This collection prides itself on items like the Colorful Sunset Sailers, the Dragon Olympic Sail Racer, intricately detailed sailboats, and more. The best part? All items are available for purchase at our guaranteed low price. We also offer free shipping for orders above $99.

When you shop with Everything Nautical, you are receiving the same quality treatment that all of our customers have been receiving online since 1998. Let us help you shop with confidence and complete your home nautical décor with our quality Model Ships and maritime collectibles. Call us now at 888-211-4490!