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Nautical Home Decor Enhances Rooms

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There is something about nautical home decor that lifts the spirits and makes a home or beach house look unique. Is it because we often dream of sailing the ocean blue but know real life doesn’t always give us that opportunity?

As a child, I recall scanning countless of home décor magazines. I didn’t understand most of the words then, but I always found the pictures fascinating. There were times when I’d cut the images out and create a scrapbook from scratch, but there were also times when I’d only stare at them until I got tired (You could say it was my own version of a bedtime picture story).

But, c’mon. It’s hard not to be in awe when inspirational examples of coastal living filled the pages of these glossy magazines. Those were my particular favorite, and it was only a matter of time before a magazine collection was born. Labels were made and boxes were filled. I didn’t realize it right away, but I believe that’s when my passion for everything nautical started.

Today, I find looking at pictures still easier, and I know most homemakers, professionals, and even students can relate to this sentiment. After all, it’s not every day that we can sail away and leave the sometimes chaotic land behind. But I do know one thing that we can do to get some peace of mind: surrounding ourselves with items that can make us feel like we are making that voyage.

Fun furniture can create a nautical feeling, either indoors or outdoors. One of my personal favorites is the Dory Rowboat Coffee Table or Bookshelves . I have yet to create a space for it in my humble abode, but I love hearing friends gush about this versatile piece of furniture. It can easily stand as a coffee table with a clear glass tabletop or an attractive rowboat bookshelf if stood on its stem. That’s two functions for the price of one!

Dory Rowboat Coffee Table or Bookshelves

Coincidentally matching this table slash bookshelf is the Wooden Boat Shaped Table . This piece of furniture is ideal for homes, kitchens or dining areas with a limited floor area or a kid’s room that needs a touch of whimsy. The best part is the top is removable and the legs fold up for easy storage. With IKEA and small spaces creating a buzz today, this item is a neat steal.

Wooden Boat Shaped Table

Now, outdoor space is just as important as indoor space. One of the unique nautical decor items we have is the Wooden Dock Table. This furniture is known for making outdoor parties more fun and coordinated with a nautical home. With its casual charm, it can also be the perfect setting for a laid-back afternoon meal.

Wooden Dock Table

Wall art and pictures can also add greatly to your beach-themed decor. Imagine showcasing a wall hanging that borrows its lively presence from the happiest animals in the ocean: dolphins. You might just squeal with delight with the Two Happy Dolphins on Metal Wave Wall Sculpture or the Three Dolphins with Sea Fans Metal Wall Sculpture.

Two Happy Dolphins on Metal Wave Wall Sculpture

These nautical wall sculptures are made of wood, hand-carved, and hand-painted in soft blue and gray tones to achieve a dreamy coastal look. We also have friends who hang them in play rooms and nurseries.

If you’re a fan of color, the Set of Three Wooden Boat Paddles are the perfect wall accent. With their hand-painted design, these decorative paddles will make use of an empty wall and transform it into a lively space. You can’t go more nautical than this!

Set of Three Wooden Boat Paddles

Beach decor also extends to decorative accessories such as ship’s bells, rope ladders, signal flags, knot boards, starfish, antique items, mirrors, model ships, sailboats, nautical instruments, globes and so much more. There’s a whole ocean of accessories that you can use to create a home that is reminiscent of your love for the waters and all things nautical.

Since I love getting my things organized, some of my personal favorites are a giveaway: hooks and racks. The Painted Metal "Aloha" Coat Rack features what I like to call a little Hawaiian sunshine that beams with tropical happiness. I recently visited a close friend’s house who has this coat rack decor hanging on her mudroom wall—and I must say it’s all she needed to finally bring life to that space. You can hang everything on this rack: umbrellas, keys, towels—you name it.

Painted Metal "Aloha" Coat Rack

Another rack that has a special place in my heart is the whimsical Antique White Metal Octopus Coat Rack. Most of its tentacles come in handy (pun intended) and serve as a convenient spot to hang your coat, car keys, or purse for easy access as you are heading out. That’s eight hands waving goodbye to you as you go!

Antique White Metal Octopus Coat Rack

Completing this list are two weathered favorites. One is a casual and fun nautical home décor item that, with enough imagination, looks like a happy face. The Metal Anchor Mirror will bring a smile to your face every time. Its distressed, white-washed and aged appearance will look perfect outdoors.

Metal Anchor Mirror

Same goes with the Metal Anchor Candle Holder Chandelier. For a time, I had been looking desperately for a nautical chandelier. There are lots online, but it’s hard to come by a quality one. That is, until I found this chandelier, of course.

Metal Anchor Candle Holder Chandelier

Much like the first piece of nautical décor mentioned in this article, this chandelier serves a dual purpose. Aside from its decorative function, it also features green opaque candle holders where you can place scented or unscented candles. The twinkling lights are sure to lighten up any space and create a romantic, coastal look, making it perfect for intimate dinners. Nothing beats the warm glow of a candlelight as you share the night with someone special.

Make your home decorating dreams come true with these beautiful nautical décor. Guaranteed to enhance the look of any space, you’ll find yourself treasuring them as they become part of your journey of having a coastal home. Even my magazine-gawking days are over! Now I have my own set of gorgeous home nautical décor, and you can have yours, too.

For more information on nautical decor of all kinds (including lighting and gifts), you are always welcome to visit our Everything Nautical  website or contact us directly. We’d love to have a chat with you!


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