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Desks and Chairs

Choose from our selection of Nautical Desks and Chairs as part of our "Nautical Home Furnishings" offerings. Available in a variety of sizes, themes, and materials, we carry something for every taste, every space, and every occasion. Purchase for the nautical lover in your life today!

Everything Nautical is a family owned and operated business that has served nautical collectors online since 1998. We work hard to provide you with high-quality products with a uniquely nautical twist. Find items for the home and for those you love when you browse our Nautical Home Furnishings inventory today.

Let us help you shop with confidence. Call us today at 888-211-4490!

  • Boat Bench - 48"

    Boat Bench - 48"

    Everything Nautical is proud to present the fabulous looking and practical 48" Boat Bench. This bench is sturdy and made of real wood, crafted with two side-by-side pieces. Its metal accents (portholes, anchor and rope) are displayed on both sides. The...

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  • Decorative Nautical Single Piling

    Decorative Nautical Single Piling

    The Decorative Nautical Single Piling from Everything Nautical is guaranteed to enhance the look of your home, yard, garden or dock.  It looks exactly like an authentic nautical piling, but it's actually better because it is made of metal...

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  • Deluxe Nautical Navigator's Desk, Black

    Deluxe Nautical Navigator's Desk, Black

     Free Shipping on the Authentic Models Deluxe Nautical Navigator's Desk - MF022 from Everything Nautical. This beautiful nautical desk is a top quality replica of the desk used by navigators in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as they...

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  • Deluxe Nautical Navigator's Desk, Ivory

    Deluxe Nautical Navigator's Desk, Ivory

    Let the elegance of the Authentic Models Deluxe Nautical Ivory Navigator's Desk - MF011 grace your nautical home! Travelers and seafarers of yore had to be resourceful in order to survive. Desks on board ships had to be cleared and stowed...

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  • French Line Deck Chair by Authentic Models

    French Line Deck Chair

    If you're someone who appreciates a vintage look and fine craftsmanship then you're going to love the French Line Deck Chair - CF250 by Authentic Models. FREE SHIPPING! This gorgeous chair is an exact replica from the roaring 1920's. The...

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  • Nautical Anchor Stool

    Add a touch of nautical appeal to your home with the Nautical Anchor Stool from Everything Nautical. This is a great nautical stool that will enhance your nautical decor wherever you decide to place it, be it in your home, boat, or office. This...

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  • Nautical Parlor Table Stool

    Nautical Parlor Table Stool

    We had many requests for the Nautical Parlor Table, so of course we had to match it up with the stools. Here is the nautical decor wood and metal stool wrapped with sisal rope. The Nautical Parlor Table Stool is perfect for those spaces that...

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  • Oxford Varsity Coat Stand

    Presenting the Oxford Varsity Coat Stand - FE117 from Everything Nautical's Nautical Livingroom Furniture collection. Free Shipping on this item! Three oars combine to make a sturdy and attractive coat stand. Brass hardware, turned finial, rattan key...

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  • Painted Wood and Metal Fish Counter Stool

    Add comfort and functionality to your kitchen with the Painted Wood and Metal Fish Counter Stool from Everything Nautical! Crafted from wood, this stool features a whimsical fish pattern on the seat. A perfect match for your counter, its...

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  • Purser's Desk Chair, Black

    Announcing the  Purser's Desk Chair Black - MF081 by Authentic Models. Get Free Shipping and the Guaranteed Lowest Price from Everything Nautical. Striking, yet unassuming, our nautical Purser's Chair is the perfect chair to match our...

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  • Purser's Desk Chair, Ivory

    Free Shipping on the Purser's Desk Chair - MF082  from Everything Nautical. This vintage desk chair by Authentic Models is the perfect compliment to our line of antique replica nautical desks. It is available in both Ivory (as shown here) and...

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  • Set of 2 Wooden Fish Stools

    Everything Nautical is happy to present this fun Set of Two Wooden Fish Stools. Handmade using high-quality wood, these adorable pieces of decor are a perfect addition to any home. Great for adding a touch of whimsy to your coastal decor,...

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  • Vintage Nautical Captain's Desk, Black

    Vintage Nautical Captain's Desk, Black

    Presenting the Black Vintage Nautical Captain's Desk - MF014 by Authentic Models. Available now with Free Shipping & the Guaranteed Lowest Price! This top quality replica of an antique Captain's Desk can be yours at a great price! The captain's...

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  • Wooden Ship Wheel Chair

    Add a touch of nautical appeal to your home with the Wooden Ship Wheel Chair from Everything Nautical. This is a great nautical chair that will enhance your decor wherever you place it. It features a weathered, whitewash finish and two ship wheels...

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