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The ocean is never too far away when you have accent pieces that represent everything you love about the waters. Our wide selection of Vases makes stylish and functional decor pieces for any home or office. Check out some customer favorites like the Nautical Vase Blue Barnacle, Nautical Sea Fungus Green Vase, and the Large Turquoise Ceramic Mermaid Vase.

Here at Everything Nautical, we are proud to offer our customers with high quality nautical items at the lowest prices around. We also offer free shipping on orders over $99!

When you shop with us, you are working with a family-owned and operated business commended for its old fashioned personal service since 1998. Let Gary and Carol help you create an impressive maritime display in your home or office. Shop with confidence and call us at 888-211-4490 today.

  • Antique Finish Nautical Slim Vase

    Our beautiful Antique Finish Nautical Slim Vase is guaranteed to enhance your nautical decor! It measures 18" H x 3.5" W and is one of many decorative nautical and maritime themed vases we have available at Everything Nautical. If you like this...

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  • Antique Finish Nautical Vase with Rope

    Add that old nautical feel to your décor with this unique Antique Finish Nautical Vase with Rope! We have a wonderful line of antique nautical decorations and this vintage nautical vase is no exception. The Antique Finish Nautical Vase with Rope...

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    Decorative Porcelain Nautical Round Plate

    Presenting the Decorative Porcelain Nautical Round Plate from Everything Nautical.  This beautiful plate measures 12" in diameter and features an ancient mariner's map that looks a lot like an old treasure map.  Display this interesting...

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  • Porcelain Nautical Flower Vase

    This Porcelain Nautical Flower Vase from Everythig Nautical is a true work of art.  It features an ancient mariner's map and measures 8" W x 12.5" H. It would make a great display item by itself, or tuck it into a bookshelf surrounded by...

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  • Porcelain Nautical Jug Vase

    Our Porcelain Nautical Jug Vase is one of many nautical and maritime vases available from Everything Nautical.  Featuring a vintage map of the world it has an impressive and unique look and measures 8.5" W x 24.5" H. This vase is tall enough to...

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  • Porcelain Nautical Map Vase

    This Porcelain Nautical Map Vase measures 8" W x 12.5" H and displays an ancient world map. It has a really cool look, almost like an old treasure map. This is an item you'll be proud to display in your home or office.  It would also make a...

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  • Porcelain Nautical Vase - 13" Square

    An ancient mariner's map adorns this beautiful 13" Square Porcelain Nautical Vase from Everything Nautical. It would make a beautiful accent piece on a table or bookshelf and is sure to be appreciated when presented as a gift to any nautical...

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  • Porcelain Nautical Vase - Barrel Shaped

    Show off your beautiful tropical flowers in our Barrel Shaped Porcelain Vase!  It measures 12" W x 13.5" H and features a world map with an antique look. You'll love the appearance of this one! We also have many other vases and decorative...

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  • Large Turquoise Ceramic Mermaid Vase

    This Turquoise Ceramic Mermaid Vase, is another stylish and fun nautical vase available from Everything Nautical. Mermaids have been legendary creatures of the sea for many centuries. The beautiful and unique mermaid vase is made of ceramic and measures...

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  • Nautical Map Vase

    Add a touch of history to your home decor with this beautiful Nautical Map Vase from Everything Nautical. Carefully crafted from porcelain to feature an old world style mariners map complete with compass rose, this vase makes a stunning addition to...

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