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Jewelry and Keepsake Boxes

Check out our complete collection of Jewelry and Keepsake Boxes today!

Our seashell keepsake boxes are the perfect way to store small trinkets, knickknacks, change, watches, and jewelry. The exterior of these must-have boxes feature assorted, naturally-formed seashells that are carefully hand-placed by master craftsmen. The intricacies of this box make it a true piece of nautical artwork, perfect for use as a centerpiece, jewelry box, tabletop accent, trinket box, or mantlepiece accessory.

These boxes make a fantastic gift on any occasion, including house warmings, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Birthday’s, and more! Check out our complete collection of Seashell Boxes to find even more products that you are sure to love! Mix and match multiple styles to add true nautical appeal to your home, any time of year.

Please note, because each box is handmade using naturally formed seashells, each one will be one-of-a-kind and have slight variations.

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