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10 Clever DIY Rope Projects That You Should Try

Aug 12th 2016

Back in the days, the usage of rope was limited to fields such as construction, exploration and seafaring. Thanks to clever minds and the rise of DIY projects, today you can use this simple tool in a number of ways.

Never losing their nautical appeal, here are 10 rope projects you can do when you have some spare time:

1. Hanging Rope Shelf

This hanging rope shelf requires minimal material and effort. Once it’s hanging on your wall, you’ll realize beautiful is not always equal to difficult.

2. Rope Nautical Wreath

Wreaths are not only for the holidays. This nautical ring of joy can be personalized with other accents to make a statement of the sea inside your home

3. Rope Towel Holder

Something as simple as a towel holder can be transformed into a nautical concept, as proven by a mother who did this work as part of her kids’ bathroom renovation.

4. Rope Wrapped Candleholder

Candles deserve a home that is sturdy and appealing. Made of rope and nautical accents, this candle holder is exactly just that.

5. Rope Coil Vessels

These rope coil vessels come in different shades and sizes, making them great tools for organization.

6. Rope Mat

Has a mat ever looked this Instagram-worthy? Adjust the size according to your preference and you have a mat that screams nautical.

7. Rope Mirror

Mirrors reflect the beauty of your home. Upgrade yours with this simple project.

8. Rope Wall Divider

This divider separates one area from another without looking too solitary, since the spaces in between the ropes create a breathable environment.

9. Nautical Rope Railing

Holding on to this rope railing will make you and your guests fall—that is, in love with your home even more.

10. Rope Flip Flops

Unique from the previous nine, this project is something you can take with you anywhere.

Start living a creative nautical life with these 10 amazing DIY ventures, and let them show that you know the ropes when it comes to decorating your home (and feet)! Feel free to contact us for more awesome ideas or visit our website for ready-made nautical items.