​Create a Relaxing Home with Cheap Nautical Décor

Jul 2nd 2017

There are three groups of people in the world. Those who live by the water and love it, those who wish they lived by the water, and those who haven't realized how much they would love living by the water. Just because you're not in the group that has daily access to a nautical paradise does not mean you can't create a beach like setting for yourself using coastal home decorations.

If you’ve ever thought about transforming your home into a nautical retreat but are worried about the expenses, reconsider your options. There are a number of ways to achieve this dream as much as there are a number of practical reasons for wanting to live by the water.

Before learning how to decorate your home without breaking the bank, let us first understand why living a nautical life is good for you. It's been proven again and again that those who do are more relaxed. In fact, the health benefits have been touted since the eighteenth century. There's just something about living near an ocean, sea, lake or river that makes you feel a calm peace no matter what stresses are present in your life.

There is a reason you often see fish tanks in dentist offices or other medical practices. Staring into the tank eases stress and calms a nervous patient. Bringing even a small tank into your home and filling it with colorful accents and fish will create a focal point to a room that encourages relaxation. If you don't want to deal with caring for it yourself, your neighborhood pet store can often recommend services that come into your home to keep your tank maintained properly.

Even if you don't live by the water or you have a second home on the water, but don’t have time to get there as much as you’d like, you can still create a nautical oasis in your landlocked home. You don't have to decorate your entire home in a nautical theme, perhaps just a room that creates a feeling of Zen whenever you enter it.

Here are some cheap nautical décor that are big in style:

1. Wall art. A blank wall may create the illusion of space, but it may also create the feeling of emptiness. If you’re tired of staring at a dull, stark wall, give it a makeover! One of the easiest ways to create a nautical home is to dress up your bare walls with sea-inspired art.

The Driftwood Garland with Three White and Grey Fish makes a whimsical addition to any home. Its primitive design adds to its unique nautical character while its rustic charm is loved by many. This garland will also look good indoors or outdoors.

A blend between style and function, the Wooden Surfboard Bottle Opener will come in handy for your next party. It features a metal bottle opener attachment and a wooden fin cap catcher to keep the party going anytime of the day.

Next in the list are mirrors. The Wooden Ship Wheel Mirror with Shells and Net boasts of a weathered whitewashed look. Accented with seashells, it will look great in your bathroom or mud room.

For a truly sea-inspired home, you may also consider classic seaside pictures or nautical hanging frames.

2. Rugs, Throws, and Pillows.Draping comfortable furniture with soft throws and pillows with seaside motifs is an inexpensive way of incorporating a nautical theme to your home décor. You may also use rugs to spread a seaside vibe around your home.

The Palm Green Rug is a tropical delight. Palm leaves in a relaxing shade of green add to its visual appeal which you may utilize in a minimalist bathroom.


For your cozy couch, you may choose to create a nautical scheme composed of different throw pillows. Try mixing up the Red Coral PillowSand Dollar Pearl and the Starfish Seafoam to create a lively beach-themed motif in your living room.

To balance the look, you may want to toss the Scattered Seashells Nautical Beach Throw Blanket over the back of your favorite chair. Providing warmth in a cold afternoon, it also provides classic nautical style to your home.

3. Accessories. Choosing room accessories that complete a seaside-themed home is the perfect finishing touch.

We suggest something as authentic as the Oyster Shell Flower Shaped Votive Candle Holder. Pair it up with light candles that provide a seaside scent to the room to achieve a more natural seaside ambiance!

These are just a few suggestions for your own nautical paradise because truth be told, the options are endless. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to spend your life savings to experience the bliss of coastal living. All it takes is an eye for design! Be on the lookout for cheap nautical décor because they go a long, long way.

Contact us today so we can help you turn your fantasies into a reality. Let us create the calm and peace that most only experience when right by the water.