Everything Nautical Brass Bell - 6000

Feb 8th 2024

We don't usually publish reviews of our products in a blog, but this one was so unusual, we could not resist. And, since it is long enough to qualify for a blog, well.. here it is. The bell that was purchased is our 6000. These bells come in varying sizes from 4" - 12"

Review of 6" Chrome Bell I bought this bell to replace the cheap bell that the yacht broker supplied for the yacht I purchased from them. It was double the price of the bell that came with the yacht, but boy was it worth it! As soon as I took it out of the box I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of this chrome bell. Flawless and beautiful high shine finish on the bell itself, as well as the mounting bracket, the arm to hold the bell, and the ringing pendulum. The monkey fist rope pull is also very high quality and looks great. 

Overall, this bell looks simply magnificent. A photo is attached of the bell mounted on our yacht. She is a 2021 50 footer (In California, anything over 40 feet must have a bell), a beautiful yacht with a sticker price of 2,000,000 and I can tell you this bell looks like it belongs on that yacht because of the beauty and quality of the product. Also, it's not clear from the description, but this bell has the very important feature that the entire bell assembly, INCLUDING THE ARM that holds the bell, slides right out of the mounting bracket on the wall. 

This was essential for me as I will store the bell inside the yacht while traveling so it doesn't become weathered and covered in salt water. Once we have arrived at our destination and tied our girl down, the bell comes out, you just slip it right into the chrome bracket, and it immediately looks fabulous. Another big bonus is the sound of this bell. Unbelievable. Once I mounted the bell and pulled the monkey fist and rang the bell, it startled me it was so loud, but in a wonderful way! A beautiful, deep, rich sound that will easily meet the California requirement of being audible for half a mile, and sounding fantastic while it does that.

You can't go wrong with this product. It's functional with its removable assembly, it looks absolutely beautiful, and produces a sound that really turns heads. We travel in groups a lot with 10 boats or so stern-in and tied together, and this bell will be a GREAT announcement for the commencement of cocktail hour once the captains are through for the night! If you're in the market for a bell for your yacht, buy this one!