Brass Armillary Sphere - 8"

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Brass Armillary Sphere - 8"

This is a replica of a European Demonstrational Armillary Sphere. It was used to measure the relationships of the objects in the sky. Each piece is made of finely crafted brass. It consists of a set of graduated rings representing circles on the celestial sphere. This is one variation of a brass armillary sphere. With the earth at the center, an armillary globe was believed to show how the stars move around the Earth. The globe is surrounded by zodiac signs and symbols.

• Armillary interior spins including the globe
• Made out of brass with a bright annealed finish

Armillary spheres have become an icon of science with their elegant rings and beautiful silhouettes. Eratosthenes may have invented armillary spheres around 255 BC. These instruments are made up of a set of graduated rings representing circles on the celestial sphere, such as the meridian, equator, ecliptic horizon, tropics, and colures. With the aid of an armillary sphere, one can track the path of the sun for any given day of the year or determine a stars coordinates. The Earth is represented by the brass sphere located at the center of the armillary sphere.

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Product Details

Dimensions: 8" H x 3" W X 6"

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