Traveling Sextant with Box

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Traveling Sextant with Box

Never get lost again with this Traveling Sextant with Box from Everything Nautical. Crafted from antique finished brass and housed in a hard wood box with brass inlays and latch, this item is a must have for sailors who love the open ocean.

First produced in 1759, this instrument uses a small telescope with two mirrors to allow the user to measure the angle between two far away objects. Sextants are still used on ships today in emergency circumstances and during the harshest of conditions. They were designed with weather and currents in mind, making them not only useful, but, at times, lifesaving.

A perfect gift for the Captain or Sailor in life, this sextant is as attractive as it is practical. Makes a perfect addition to any Nautical Instrument collection. Take a moment to check out our complete collection of Nautical Instruments to find even more items that you are sure to love.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 3.5” H x 5.5” W x 5.5" D
  • Sextant Materials: Brass
  • Box Materials: Brass and Wood

The Traveling Sextant with Box from Everything Nautical makes a wonderful addition to any boat, home, or office. Order today from your most trusted source for all of your nautical gift and decor needs. Serving thousands of customers since 1998, we are a family run, U.S. based company. You can always count on us for accurate, friendly, and personal service, no matter what.