5 Ways to Improve Your Outside Space with Outdoor Nautical Theme Decor

May 27th 2017

There are a number of ways to improve your outdoor living area, especially if you live on or near the coast. One great idea is using outdoor nautical theme decor that adds a personal touch to your space and instantly creates a relaxing seaside ambiance you will look forward to experiencing everyday. In this blog post, we are listing down five ways you can take to improve your outside area, all with the help of a little imagination and the look of all things nautical.

1. Whitewashed Furniture. Starting off our list is whitewashed furniture. This type of furniture looks great in almost any type of setting, but will especially blend well with nautical theme décor. Whether it's tables or chairs, the look just screams, "beach."

Another great thing about this look is that it matches just about anything you have, and has a coastal feel to it that can't be matched by ordinary outdoor furniture. Whitewashed furniture also offer rustic charm that is perfect for laidback and cozy spaces.

Some of our top picks for whitewashed furniture include the Whitewashed Driftwood Starand theWhite Washed Wooden Clock with Rope Numbers.


The former is made to look good for any occasion and will effortlessly look good just leaning on your wall, while the former adds function to its charm. It will especially add a homey feeling tothe living room, kitchen, or your covered patio, as long as it’s kept away from the elements.

2. Decorative Items. Whether you want to have the look of seagulls, buoys, ropes, or pilings, any of these outdoor nautical theme decor items go well on a porch, deck, or in the back or front yard. You can use a little or a lot—just make sure everything is cohesive.

For instance, for a classic nautical charm, you can always use buoy décor like the 5 Piece Set of Wooden Buoys on Rope. This set can be hung indoors, but will emphasize your love for the laidback nautical life in the outdoors.

As a contrast, you may also make use of an aluminum turtle décor or other aluminum decorative items. We recommend something like the Aluminum Sailboat with Nickel Finish.

The elegant finish of this décor may be a stark contrast from rustic and homey furniture, but it is sure to add another dimension to your nautical theme décor. If you’re worried it won’t mix well with your home décor,you might consider pairing it with more colorful items. Just make sure that your entire look blends well and that every piece of décor is still going with the theme.

3. Personalize Your Look. There are many ways to include your nautical theme decor outdoors, including personalizing them. A personalized address marker is an excellent idea for showing your address along with your theme or even a lighthouse plaque with your name on it. It's your look, so why not make it your own, right? Your guests will be able to find you easier and you'll make a statement as to your aesthetic as soon as they see it.

One of our personal picks is the Personalized Conch Nautical Address Plaque.

This plaque offers two lines for personalization and is colored with weather-resistant finishes. This assures you that you will be able to show off your nautical personality for a long, long time.

If you like to keep it more discreet, we recommend the Personalized Coordinates Wall Plaque.

This plaque introduces a special way to identify your location with the use of coordinates. The best part? You don't have to know them because we’ll find them out for you. This plaque also makes a wonderful house warming or boat christening gift.

4. It Doesn't Have to be Perfect. An everyday reminder that we should keep in mind, whether decorating or not. One good thing about an outdoor nautical theme is that if beach sand gets on your porch or deck, it just adds to the overall look. You don't have to keep it squeaky clean from sand or shells, and even if unexpected guests come over, it just looks like the theme you're going for.

Not a fan of loose shells? How about something like the Resin Giant Clam Shell?

This eco-friendly gentle giant can be the new home for your artificial succulents.

5. Make it Your Own. Last but not least, make your nautical theme décor truly yours. If you love anchors and shiny door knockers, then that's what you should choose. If it's an area with whitewashed furniture and seashells you've picked up from the beach, then that's your own personal style and that's what you should choose. Forget about the rules, forget about what others will think of. At the end of the day, it's your outdoor area, and you should enjoy it exactly how you want.

To talk more about outdoor nautical theme decor or anything else, please Contact Us so we can help you find what you need. Let’s work together to achieve your dream nautical home.