Ring the Ship's Bells Three Times: A Stolen Legend from Overboard

Mar 18th 2015

Although it was a not a notable film by any kind of Oscar standards, Overboard, a romantic comedy starring the long-time, real-life Hollywood couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, it weaves a yarn about a spoiled socialite who hires a poor, backwoods carpenter for work on her expensive yacht. Naturally, the two fall in love and sail off into the sunset.

Hidden inside this so-so, hum-drum, Hollywood rom-com, is a real gem of a nautical legend. In a touching scene when the two begin their romance, Kurt's character recounts the story of two star-crossed lovers, courtesy of Scripto-O-Rama, the tale goes something like this, as the two are enjoying some adult beverages near the seashore, a conversation ensues between HE and SHE:

SHE: Why do they honk three times when they come into port?

HE: They are signalling that they are coming home. There's an old legend of Arturo, a Portuguese fisherman who met a beautiful girl when he came into port. Her name was Catarina and they fell in love. Problem was, her father was the territorial governor and he didn't want his only little princess winding up with a poor fisherman, so he told Arturo to ship off, which he did. But not before telling his true love that he'd be back for her and when he arrived, he would signal his return with three, long blasts. Then she could dive off the rocks and swim out to his fishing boat and the the two of them would be on their way, live happily ever after, sailing off into the sunset together.

SHE: "Oh, I love this story!"

HE: A year later, everything goes as planned, but when she was swimming out to the boat, a thick fog rolled in and she couldn't find his boat. Arturo panicked and called out, "Catarina! Catarina! and she responded, "Arturo!" Upon hearing that, he dove into the icy water and they ...

SHE: Kissed?

HE: No, they drowned.

SHE: That's a terrible story!

HE: Yes, but the legend says that they both reunited at the bottom of the sea and every time you see the ocean spray, it's them.

SHE: Making love?

HE: Yes, forever and ever.

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