Say Ahoy to Nautical Table Décor and More

Posted by Brenda on Jul 7th 2017

There's a saying, "You never know how many friends you have until you have a beach house." If you're not lucky enough to have a beach house of your own (or, better yet, friends with a beach house with whom you can visit), there are still lots of decorative touches, big and small, that you can employ to provide nautical home decor, whether you're trying to re-capture the Zen feeling of your summer beach vacation, or freshening up your land-locked cabana for a more coastal vibe.

This blog post will teach you how to liven up your table by using nautical centerpieces and other accessories. As a bonus, we will also share other helpful nautical tips!

First, designate rooms with brass plaques. Transform your powder room with a simple brass plaque on the door. Likewise, label your guest bedroom as "crew's quarters" and the master suite as "captain's quarters."

Second, personalize your living space with antique replica shipping trunks repurposed as tables, a unique bookshelf to display your treasures, or a coat stand made from recycled oars, and you'll be transported to the shore every time you come home.

As you repurpose your shipping trunk as a table or re-decorate your trusty coffee table, consider lining them up with different nautical table décor. We suggest the Adirondack Large Canoe on Metal Stand for sailing enthusiasts or those who have a sailing collection. It features a charming canoe hand-painted with a geometric design and a rustic metal stand.

For those who prefer an elegant touch on their tabletops, the Pisces Glass Fish Statue on Metal Stand is a great option. Featuring an elegant glass fish finished with a pale blue hue, it will reflect the beauty of ocean life on your table.

You can also show off your nautical personality in the office or study. Decorate your desk with classic nautical table décor such as the Bente Globe. Resting on a turned wood base, this vintage world globe is sure to evoke nostalgia. Pair it up with the Brass Anchor Letter Holder to hold your cards, letters and important documents.

If you’re feeling adventurous, balance your office’s formal environment with unconventional nautical table accents such as corals and shells. To begin with, the elegant yet unexpected Galia Coral Sculpture is sure to add an organic touch to your desk while the luxurious Petra Gold Ceramic Shells a sophisticated charm.

Invite some friends over for happy hour and set sail for adventure. In the kitchen and on your dining table, play around with nautical plates and drink coasters. The Colorful Flip Flops Round Sandstone Coasters is a fun way to incorporate a coastal theme in your dining area. While you’re at it, why not mix up a specialty drink and serve it from a vintage showcase piece like a stateroom bar.

Special touches like a brass anchor bottle opener complete the theme and serve double duty as a thoughtful hostess gift when your friend returns the invitation. To put your guests in a coastal state of mind as soon as they arrive, consider a whimsical welcome mat made from recycled flip flops or a cast-iron clam shell that doubles as a hiding place for your spare key. Even the simplest decor, like adding a hanging planter with seasonal flowers, will brighten up your front porch or entryway.


Keep the party going with scrumptious food and colorful serving platters. Consider purchasing items that serve a double duty of function and fashion like the Ceramic Boat Bowls and Ceramic Fish Platters. Perfect for entertaining, these sets of kitchenware will stand out on your dining table. Serve your favorite snacks and dishes, and share a hearty meal with your favorite people.

When it comes to livening up your table, make sure to follow a nautical scheme that speaks of your personality. For more ideas on decorating with a nautical flair, contact us and we'll have your desk, deck and everything else looking ship-shape in no time.